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Top-Grade Ammo is the newest book from Glen Zediker and Zediker Publishing.

This one is a step-by-step-by-step guide to producing quality handloaded ammunition. It’s written for the beginner all the way through to the advanced handloader. No one is excluded from this book, and nothing is excluded from this book! Give this one to someone who’s never even fired a rifle and they’ll be able to sit down and produce a quality round, and tell you exactly why they did what they did to get there.

In a way of looking at it, this is the Builders Guide equivalent for reloading...

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The Competitive AR15: builders guide is for all who want to learn more about AR15 rifle systems construction and operation, and, of course, who want to create their own manifestations of those assembled systems.

This book wasn’t written for professional gunsmiths, but for those who have the desire and aptitude to tackle rifle assembly on their own. It takes some tools, and know-how, and this book thoroughly covers it all!

There are nearly 800 photographs that take you step-by-step through each component assembly process. You'll learn how to construct a complete lower receiver assembly, upper receiver assembly, install a standard barrel, trigger system, bolt and carrier, and on and on. Then it gets really good! Beyond the basics are the project rifles: NRA Service Rifle, NRA Match Rifle, Tactical Carbine, and Varmint Rifle. There we'll cover free-float forend tube installation, gas system, two-stage triggers, adjustable buttstocks, and all the tricks you've seen on the AR15 collection in the last book.

All along the way, there are insights on parts selection, modifications, and dozens and dozens of pro builder tips to help ensure your happiness with your own project. It's all about the details, and this book is loaded with detail.

Doing it yourself gives you a huge advantage. It will honestly have been done right, and you’ll know it. Any little problems will have been fixed, many function and performance enhancements will have been made, and the result is you’ll have a custom-grade rifle without paying custom-builder prices.

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The Competitive AR15: the ultimate technical guide in in no way, shape, or form an update, revision, rehash, or rewrite of the first book. This is an ALL-NEW work with a considerably different flavor, and a considerably more detailed content. It's also a radically bigger book than the first (470 pages and 475 photographs). The old one was 288 pages.

The focus is the same (making AR15s work) but the format and presentation are different. This time I built several project rifles, including 6 full-custom "ultimates." Separate segments on all these rifles take a long and hard look at what went into them all -- every little piece and part, including, of course, the decisions made on what should be there. Project rifles include a .22 PPC, the most extreme competition AR15 (my opinion) in captivity, two different takes on the the ultimate Service Rifle. A Big-AR chambered in 6XC. There's even a specialty short-course rifle built in .222 that was on the cover of GUNS Magazine. There's some serious in-depth on factory-made rifles, custom carbines, custom varmint and tactical guns, and even .22 long rifle uppers.

The "Handloading" segment contains all the information on the newer bulIt's a radically bigger book than the first (470 pages). Each system has its own segment this time around: bolts and carriers, gas system, springs, magazines, barrels, triggers, furniture, and more. Plus a huge segment on maintenance and troubleshooting. All through there's the sort of commentary and perspectives you're used to seeing in my books that hopefully answers every question concretely.



Folks, I'm slap wore out talking about this book, so I will transfer you over to my dedicated portion of the site that this book now has. I just got finished putting up a load of pages that tell all all about it. Go SEE! I'm really happy about and proud of this book.

It's about SLINGS, and all the THINGS that we need for High Power Rifle shooting. It's the first book in my Basics and Beyond Series. It's honestly the best book I've yet done, I think, and it surely was about the most enjoyable and satisfying for me to produce.

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I decided to knot the loop and devote an entire publication to this topic. This is a newly developed version of Slings & Things that takes the topic as far as it can go. It's not a cut and paste job on the bigger book, but is its own thing, all together.

The original idea for the Basics And Beyond Series, was a suggestion from someone to do a publication that showed folks how to rig a 1907 sling for Service Rifle competition. That idea grew and grew (and kept growing) until it became Slings & Things, but back in the back of my mind I still thought about how valuable a focused publication on Service Rifle sling use would be to so many people. Here it is.

I can promise, swear, and guarantee that there's never been a book yet that takes this topic into the extreme detail this one does. It's not only about choosing and putting together a 1907 or web sling, but also about how to make it work for you. Position mechanics, tension, troubleshooting, and on and on. It's 80 pages of nothing but smoke pole straps.

Click HERE to learn more about it and see if it's the right publication for you.

Copies will be shipping in about two weeks. Don't be bashful! Click HERE to reserve a copy. You won't be charged until the book actually ships to you.

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Folks, I've been pretty bad down recovering from an illness and resultant surgery. I'm doing my best to now recover from a long stint away from the camera and keyboard, and also away from my computer. Be patient... I have a lottamo to go and you'll see them all shortly.

I put up a good number of articles to give you all some extra reading material, or looking material if you're a Service Rifle shooter. Service Rifle shooters, fortunately have a good sense of humor. I should know because that's mostly me. Click HERE to go there and see what's waiting for you.

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